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Turn on Neowin's 'lites' with new IE benchmark tool

The IE team has been putting in a lot of effort recently to help make web developers lives and careers, a tad bit easier. With new tools and features, IE is not only a browser, but it is backed by a team of developers who want to help you code more efficiently.

Of course, the IE team also likes to show off their browser too and one of those ways is with a synthetic benchmark tests.  We have previously seen the IE team release some Neowin related benchmark love but the team is back at it again with the Lite Bright test.

This latest benchmark puts to the test your favorite browser’s HTML5, CSS, and Javascript in a performance based benchmark test. When you launch the test, you will be tossed back into your childhood as you watch a Lite-Brite toy light up with the Neowin logo. Alas, this modern adaption of the toy is to help you gauge the performance of your browser but a little nostalgia never hurt anyone either.

You can check out the test at the source link below and see how well your browser does against the competition, or if you want to check out IE11 for Windows 7, a preview is now out too.

Test: IE Lite Brite benchmark tool

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