TV stations cut analog signal today

As Neowin had previously reported about the DTV switch on February 17, 2009, 491 stations will end broadcast of their analog signal today at 11:59pm. More stations are due to end their signal, up to 641 stations across America will do so this week or have already ended their broadcast.

President Barack Obama has asked that more than 100 stations delay until the new cut off date of June 12, 2009 so that American viewers still not fully converted will not lose all their favorite stations.

It is still unclear how many homes are still not ready to handle the switch over from analog to a digital signal, requiring consumers to purchase a new TV or upgrade their existing one to include a digital converter box. An estimate 5.8 million people (5.1 percent of America) have not converted or do not know about the change over, even with previous warnings across TV broadcasts.

As of tomorrow morning, some Americans will officially be in the dark on their favourite stations as their analog signal will fail to broadcast.

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