Twitch launches custom chat rooms for streamers

Twitch has just introduced 'Rooms'—a new feature that lets streamers create custom chat rooms for them and their audience to communicate with each other:

"Whether you want a room for spoilers, permanent sub-only chat, or even a room for moderators to sharpen their swords, rooms lets streamers set a topic and choose who has access. Plus it’s just like stream chat, all your badges and emotes carry over."

These rooms also differ from the regular stream chat in that they are 'always-on'; this means that the streamer does not have to be live in order for everyone to converse. Also, users receive notifications if they get mentioned in a chat.

Users may find the new feature interesting, as it makes the Twitch chat function somewhat similar to instant-messaging services like Discord; the company has not only provided a way for streamers and viewers to continue interacting after a live stream has ended but also group them based off things like rank or interest in certain subjects.

You can check out 'Rooms' by heading over to a stream on Twitch or by watching via the Android and iOS apps. Currently, the feature is not available on the Desktop version of the app but Twitch notes that it's coming soon.

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