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Unreal II multiplayer Q&A

Legend's Scott Dalton tells us all about the XMP multiplayer that will be released as a part of the Xbox version of Unreal II and as a free PC add-on.

The PC version of Unreal II didn't include any multiplayer support when it shipped in February, but Legend Entertainment had intended from the start to include a multiplayer mode called "XMP" (for "extended multiplayer"). While deadline pressures forced the team to cut the multiplayer support a year before the game's release, Legend got the go-ahead from Atari to start work on XMP several months ago. When it's complete, XMP will be released in an expansion pack that will be freely downloadable for PC owners of Unreal II. The upcoming Xbox version of Unreal II will also feature the XMP mode, which will be playable via Xbox Live.

News source: GameSpot

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