Untitled Goose Game hits Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, and PlayStation 4 next week

The recent indie hit that has players controlling a bothersome goose, Untitled Goose Game, is heading to more platforms a week from now, with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 releases happening on December 17.

Developed by House House, Untitled Goose Game was announced in 2017 and released on PC and Nintendo Switch in September this year, going on to become an internet sensation. The humorous game has players annoying the residents of a village as a goose, with objectives that span from stealing items around the world to making humans do certain tasks using trickery, all to become a bigger nuisance.

There is another factor to this Xbox One release, however, as Microsoft's official Xbox Game Pass for Console Twitter account has revealed the game will also be available on the service. Although a specific date wasn't shared, the game should be landing on Xbox Game Pass the same day it launches on the platform, December 17.

The Xbox Game Pass for PC account has remained silent on the matter, so Untitled Goose Game could only be appearing on the Xbox One variant of the subscription service. The PC version of the title has remained an Epic Games Store exclusive since launch, with a Steam release planned for late 2020.

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