Update on SP1 effect to Corp version

Thanks Angeldeath for sending me the following text..

I did some more testing based on what MS wrote in that email and I found one thing that I can't believe I over-looked and wanted to tell you about this.

Because most of us aren't used to this new XP yet, BetaOne said that they tried 75 keys or so and that it didn't work, well obviously after receiving, I decided to test this out, and found out why BetaOne was having trouble slipstreaming SP1 into a corp CD.

Everyone has forgotten that when MS made XP Retail and Corp (Pro) they used two algorithm's, and the beta of SP1 that is out is NOT for Corp, its for RETAIL, this I found after a friend messaged me and ask for help since he wanted to try slipstreaming and locked himself out, after having him test a corp key and to no avail I asked him to test a retail key I had laying around, and the system took it.

So it seems B1 was partly right, Slipstreaming doesn't work, because the keys do change, to retail. Which makes the most sense of this over-hyped bizarre whining of the warez world.

I couldn't rest till I knew for sure after receiving that source email, and finding out exactly what it was.

Well thanks for clearing that up! and for all you non-believers here is a screen sent in by tunker which is unrelated to Angeldeaths submission.

Screenshot: Invalid Key

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