Updates arrive to Azure Data Lake Tools for Visual Studio Code

Two years ago, Microsoft unveiled its cross-platform code editor, Visual Studio Code. Since then, a fair few extensions have been created to build upon the features already present in Code. One such extension is the package dubbed Azure Data Lake Tools, which has just gotten an update.

For those not familiar, ADL Tools is designed to work in situations which benefit from the use of U-SQL. This is a framework that was created with scaling in mind, allowing for big data queries to be run in a serverless cloud environment. What's more, the framework allows you to use .NET, R, or Python algorithms and scale them in accordance with your needs, as easily as you would in SQL.

So, if you make use of these tools, here's what the latest set of changes brings to the table:

Key customer benefits

Added ADLS file downloading with status monitoring

Improved file upload of single or multiple files with status monitoring

Removed Java dependency and .NetCore dependency for Windows

Solidified tools performance and reliability through architectural improvements

Improved the getting started experience and made C# extension installation optional

New Features

Download File from ADLS with status monitoring

Upload single or multiple files to ADLS with status monitoring

What isn't mentioned in the overview is the fact that ADL Tools allows you to more easily upload a U-SQL file to ALDA (Azure Data Lake Analytics). Moreover, the improved integration with ADLS (Azure Data Lake Storage) allows you to "preview files, list storage paths, and download or upload files" with much better performance than before.

In case you haven't gotten your hands on it, the extension can be acquired in the Visual Studio Marketplace at this link.

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