U.S. Lindows Judge Proposes Compromise

The battle between Lindows.com Inc. and Microsoft Corp. over the Lindows trademark took an interesting turn today when U.S. District Judge John Coughenour in Seattle proposed a deal in which Microsoft can proceed with an appeal of his earlier ruling that a jury must decide whether "windows" had been a generic term before it was trademarked and Microsoft would cease its efforts to get foreign courts to stop the sales of Lindows until the U.S. case is decided.

Coughenour proposed this deal in an expedited hearing that Lindows.com had requested. Lindows asked for this motion to be heard as quickly as possible because an adverse preliminary judgment in Holland has forced the company to stop selling its operating system in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg (the Benelux countries) and Microsoft is also seeking to block Lindows' operations under the Lindows name in Canada, Finland, France and Sweden.

News source: eWeek

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