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Valve just gave every DOTA 2 hero new abilities in wild 7.36 update


DOTA 2 gameplay update 7.36 has landed, and while the name suggests a simple patch, its innards hold massive changes that will once again shakeup the popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) entry. Valve is known for introducing game-changing updates every year or so to revitalize the competitive title. The latest drop introduces Innate abilities and a choice-based power up system for all 100+ heroes in the game, alongside balance changes, and the second act of its Crownfall story event.

Just as it sounds, Innate abilities give heroes an additional power that's always active, but they cannot be changed or upgraded during a match like standard abilities.

"Some Innates grant a hero a unique effect. For example, Faceless Void slows enemy attack projectiles within range, and Dawnbreaker reveals the whole map to allies when the sun rises," explains Valve. "Some Innates change a hero ability to have five levels and get a free ability point at level 1. For example, Kunkka's Tidebringer and Legion Commander's Moment of Courage now start at level 1, and can still be upgraded four more times like normal"


Next comes Facets. This is a choice presented to each selected hero after the picking phase in a match, giving players the option to pick between two unique abilities. Here are some examples of what these Facets can be:

  • Viper can choose between adding an AoE damage burst to Poison Attack, or increasing defensive buffs while Viper remains in Nethertoxin
  • Wraith King can choose between summoning skeletons, or dealing additional curse damage when attacking
  • Leshrac can choose between his attacks restoring mana, or changing Diabolic Edict to explode faster but deal no damage to buildings
  • Lone Druid can choose between an improved Spirit Link, granting lifesteal in both directions, or allowing True Form to be cast on the Spirit Bear

To see all the new Innate and Facets abilities, find the complete patch notes for DOTA 2 update 7.36 here, though it may take a few hours to go through it. The update weighs in at less than 1GB in size on Steam, and is now available for everyone.

Leaks say another MOBA-like game is in development at Valve too. Instead of a top-down experience like DOTA though, this is reportedly a third-person shooter.

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