VeriSign to implement change to .com and .net

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VeriSign Inc. is planning a change to a Domain Name System component responsible for coordinating updates to the .com and .net domains throughout the DNS, according to a company spokesman.

The change is intended to prepare .com and .net for more frequent daily updates of information such as new subdomains, address changes and the culling of obsolete subdomains. Internet users and organizations managing Web sites on .com and .net won't notice the changes, VeriSign said.

However, some networking experts worry that the change, which is scheduled for Feb. 9, may have unanticipated consequences that could interrupt traffic to some .com and .net Web sites and other online services.

The modification will change the way part of a DNS component called the SOA (Start of Authority) Record is generated for .com and .net domains, according to information posted to the Nanog networking discussion group by Matt Larson, of VeriSign Naming and Directory Services and confirmed by Pat Burns, a VeriSign spokesman.

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