Verizon ditches its hideous old logo, plays it safe with new one

Verizon is one of the leading mobile networks in the United States, and one of America's largest companies, with over 170,000 employees. And yet, if you weren't at all familiar with the company, you probably wouldn't be left with the impression that its logo belonged to a multibillion dollar corporation.

From its dated gradients and cheerless aesthetic, to the enormous wonky 'V' symbol and horribly stretched 'z', there really wasn't much to love about the Verizon logo - but thankfully, it looks like its days are numbered.

According to AdAge, Verizon announced its upcoming brand refresh internally to staff today, and is planning to go public with its new look on Thursday. As TNW reports, people have already begun spotting the new logo being applied to stores and advertising boards, sharing their photos on social media.

The new logo isn't a completely clean break from the company's past though. The tightly-spaced wordmark is now upright, but the typeface (Helvetica, or some close relative) is similar, although its weight is noticeably lighter in the new version.

The color scheme remains recognizably that of Verizon too, and it also includes a new (and much smaller) interpretation of the 'big V' symbol, which seems to have been deliberately styled to look like a tick. A tick, because Verizon is the right choice? As The Verge's Dieter Bohn wryly observed today, that may have been the intention, but it's not necessarily how it will appear to consumers:

Verizon hasn't yet publicly acknowledged reports of the planned changes to its logo - but it comes only a day after another American tech giant unveiled a brand refresh. Google revealed its new logo yesterday, along with a few of the designs it rejected.

Source: AdAge

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