Virgin Media launches new unlimited broadband plan 'designed specifically for gamers'

UK internet service provider Virgin Media will be raising its prices - again - in November, but before then, it will launch a new broadband plan which it says is designed specifically for gamers.

Download speeds aren't generally a problem for Virgin's customers, who can already enjoy speeds of up to 200Mbps. But the ISP is hoping to entice gamers to pay a bit extra for its new VIVID 200 Gamer connection, by offering them enhanced upstream speeds too.

The standard VIVID 200 plan provides maximum upload speeds of 12Mbps, and is currently priced at £45.25 a month for those who choose to get the connection without a landline phone. The VIVID 200 Gamer package costs an additional £5 per month on top of this, boosting the upload speeds to 20Mbps.

"The connection will be totally unlimited," Virgin Media said today, "meaning players don't need to worry about download caps and, with the fastest widely available upload and download speeds, online gamers can look forward to lower pings and latency giving them a competitive edge over laggy opponents."

The faster upload speeds will also help those who stream their gaming to services like Twitch and YouTube gaming.

You don't have to be a gamer to be able to take advantage of those faster uploads of course, but either way, you'll be able to get the new VIVID 200 Gamer package from September 1.

Source: Virgin Media

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