Waze is now available for Android Auto

Waze is a popular GPS navigation app that has the ability to accept user-submitted data that can help a driver get from point A to point B in a more efficient manner. Google acquired the project in 2013 and it has since become a trusted mapping solution that is available for Android and iOS.

Although Google's Android Auto was announced back in 2014, it has taken quite some time for the technology to reach the mass market. Luckily, after a few years, a wide variety of vehicles from the likes of Ford, Honda, VW and more are all adding Google's connected vehicle experience as a standard option. While it would be expected that the firm would prioritize its own products when it comes to Android Auto, it has taken a bit of time for Waze to land on the platform.

Last month, the firm announced that Waze for Android Auto would be launching in private beta. Now, the app is finally ready for public consumption as the firm has said it will be available starting today.

Android Auto allows a driver to use their phone with their vehicle and have it seamlessly integrate into their existing head unit. This means that supported apps on your phone can be controlled using the car's touchscreen display and physical buttons. This is quite convenient considering that most head units never get an update during their life time, but thanks to Android Auto, it can always stay up to date.

As for features, Waze will offer:

  • Navigate to all your most frequented destinations as pre-programmed in your Waze app in one tap—we're talking home, work and your Waze favorites.
  • Start any drive using voice command "OK, Google" to tell Waze your destination and get on the road even quicker.
  • Receive visual and audio alerts to keep you informed of what's ahead and find the fastest routes. Bonus: you'll enjoy a larger map with bigger views of alerts, hazers and more.
  • Access your personalized Waze experience from your phone on your car's bigger screen.
  • Easily view your ETA Panel, which organizes everything you need in one place so you can seamlessly check alternate routes and adjust your sound settings.
  • Help other Wazers on the road through a visual reporting menu.

If you want to give this a try, be sure to download the latest version of Waze and make sure that your vehicle is compatible with Android Auto. After plugging in your phone into an available USB port, your head unit will come alive and you will have the option to select the navigation app.

Source: Waze via TechCrunch

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