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What was that Xbox 'S' trademark all about? Xbox One S, it seems

They say hindsight is perfect and the speculation regarding a recently discovered trademark from Microsoft proves that statement is as true as ever.

When it was first spotted by a NeoGAF user, many assumed that this was in reference to the latest console from Microsoft, which had been known as Project Scorpio for a while. Indeed, many surmised that the official name of the console would be Xbox Scorpio and some even suggested names like Xbox 10 S.'

As a keen-eyed Redditor pointed out, however, the simplest explanation was the best explanation in this case. In hindsight, it seems like the internet had a collective brain fart, as no one seemed to realise that the logo was simply a result of Microsoft updating the logo of the already existing Xbox One S, as seen in the above promotional video by Microsoft, where the logos for the new and the old console are shown side by side with a similar wedge on the 'S' and the 'X'.

While the new name disappointed many fans who were hoping Microsoft would go with Scorpio - a name that would definitely stand out - the name Microsoft decided on isn't too bad either, and stays true to previous branding.

Source: jasonht87 (Reddit) via On MSFT

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