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White iPhone 4 sold early to Vodafone customer

Could we be seeing a white iPhone 4 sometime in the very near future? According to several sources, retailers have made space for the device. Many rumors of the release date have appeared around the Internet, often with a degree of potential credibility. According to Engadget, Vodafone's inventory system has shown the white iPhone 4 to be shipping in at some point.

Better yet, at least one customer has gotten their hands on the highly sought-after model, after images of the box and the handset appeared online. The model numbers for the white iPhone 4 models might also reflect their differences from the black model. The model number used for the 16GB black iPhone 4 is MC603B/A. The white iPhone 4 is MC604B/A. The 32GB black iPhone 4 has a model number of MC605B/A - could a white model be MC606B/A? 

According to 9 to 5 Mac, the white iPhone 4 could be appearing on April 27th. A retailer at BelCompany, a Dutch phone provider, tipped the site off that a white model iPhone 4 could appear at the company sometime soon. A quote was also present on the page, and when translated, reads the following:

This Wednesday, all retail stores will receive the white T-Mobile iPhone 4 16 GB. Also, a limited number of retail stores will receive one single white iPhone 4 32 GB. New supplies will be scarce/very limited. If the supply is exhausted/sold out, inform the customer that new deliveries are expected in 4 to 5 weeks time.

It may just be the proof of a white iPhone 4 that could make some customers decide to hold off on the purchase of a standard device, at least until the end of the month in order to confirm the existence of a white model. The only remaining question is whether or not the white iPhone 4 will sell well, especially considering theories of a so-called 'iPhone 4S', or 'iPhone 5', releasing sometime during the year.

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