Wii Game Backup Method Revealed

It is now possible to dump an image of any Nintendo Wii game onto a PC hard disk drive. The method isn't exactly ready to go mainstream though. According to a forum post on Wii Newz, a specific line of LG DVD-ROM drives are required along with the program DVDInfo.

What's so damn special about these LG drives? Supposedly, the LG DVD-ROM drives share similar hardware with the optical drive found in the Wii. Using debug commands available in the DVDInfo software, it is possible to read the special game discs. Ok. I got the drive and the software. Now what? That's great, but you'll have to be patient. Over fifty hours to create one game image awaits you.

Piracy wins again? Well no. Not yet anyways. Even if a Wii game disc is dumped to the hard drive, there is currently no way to load the data back to the console.

News source: DailyTech

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