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Will the PS3 destroy Sony?

An article linked by EvilAvatar has some pretty solid points on the upcoming launch of the Playstation 3. Electricsistahood goes very in depth about the upcoming Sony launch, what it means per console sold, what it means for Sony as a whole, and brings up some very valid points. I found the article was fairly even, and wasn't a "bash" Sony type of thing, well not much anyway. So I'm posting for everyone to read and get opinions on. What do you guys think? Read on:

Sony has a book value of $27 billion. It has nearly $9 billion in cash. Sony's not going anywhere. Or is it?

Sony is looking at a potential for demise it has never faced before. With the failure of its TV and music electronics businesses and its up-and-down movie business, it has relied more and more on the video game business to keep profits up.

But now even its video game business can't save the company. In fact, it's the video game business that could put the whole company right down the toilet.

Here's a story of a company in trouble. Sure, you think you could help it by buying a new PS3 at the end of the year. But purchasing a PS3 this year could be the very thing that pushes Sony over the edge.

News source: EvilAvatar | Electricsistahood

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