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Windows 10 Fall Creators Update reportedly causes major issue on Razer Laptops

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update started rolling out a couple of days ago, boasting parts of the Fluent Design System, the OneDrive Files on-demand feature, and much more. However, if you are a Razer user, you might want to hold off on the update for a while, as it reportedly causes a major issue with those laptops.

According to The Inquirer, a poster in the Razer Forums called Kokorone said that all Razer laptops are incompatible with Windows 10 Version 1709 Build 16299.15 - the Fall Creators Update. He went on to say:

Razer has not updated compatibility with their drivers to support this version of windows and it renders the trackpad, keyboard, and USB features useless when waking from sleep mode on battery power. Reinstalling drivers or talking to Razer support will do nothing to fix your issue. The only fix is to roll back to Creators Update until Razer gets their sh*t together and fixes the problem.

Supposedly, all laptop peripherals will cease to work when it is woken up from sleep mode, until you reboot your machine. However, this problem will not occur when the laptop is connected to a power source. This comes as small relief, as quite possibly, a number of people run their notebooks on battery power, and having to reboot each time your laptop is awakened from sleep mode is a major constraint for heavy users.

Unfortunately, Razer users do not have much of a choice in any case, as feature updates like this can't be delayed for long unless the 'metered connection' workaround is applied. Even then, there is no guarantee that crucial updates won't be pushed out automatically, regardless of whether you've set your Wi-Fi connection as metered or not.

Bear in mind that this issue hasn't been officially confirmed by the company yet, and some users report that reinstalling the precision drivers fixes the bug. Others, however, remain insistent that the only way to manage this problem so far is a reboot. Razer laptop owners can only hope that if the issue is consistent across all laptops, a fix is announced soon.

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