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Windows 10 lite AtlasOS 22H2 removes OneDrive, Microsoft Edge, gets SSD optimization

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Earlier today we covered AtlasOS, a lightweight Windows 10 gaming OS that disables important features like Windows Defender and System Restore. With the latest update, version 22H2 v0.2, Atlas has removed some more features like Microsoft OneDrive, and Edge, though there are many improvements and additions too. For example, Hyper-V and VBS scripts have been fixed, and it has received special optimizations geared towards SSDs and HDDs.

The full changelog is given below:


  • Fixed the Hyper-V and VBS enable/disable scripts.
  • Fixed installation of the features in Settings App.
  • Fixed Steps Recorder application.
  • Fixed the "Reticulating splines…" issue. However, the full fix will be available in the next update.
  • Fixed the Unlock Tiles script.
  • Fixed the Chocolatey and Scoop installation issue.
  • Fixed settings sound scheme to "No Sounds".
  • Fixed the lock screen enable/disable regedit file.
  • Fixed the Teredo issue and general issue with networking on Atlas.
  • Fixed the NVIDIA Display Container.
  • Fixed Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  • Fixed COD Modern Warfare and older editions.
  • Fixed Word and other alternatives (e.g. LibreOffice).
  • Fixed invalid links and shortcuts.
  • Fixed Network Discovery enable/disable scripts.
  • GPL-3.0 License is now available.
  • DevManView is now replaced with our own script - toggleDev.cmd.
  • Added GitHub Actions for the experimental playbooks.
  • Added a completely new installation menu for programs that uses automatically installed Chocolatey.
  • RunAsTi now supports cmd and scripts correctly.
  • toggleDev.cmd and setSvc.cmd support error checking correctly.
  • Drive is now detected by the installation - SSD or HDD. Depending on that, optimizations will be properly applied.
  • Device Type is now detected by the installation** - Laptop or PC. Depending on that, valid power settings will be properly applied.
  • Mitigations prompt is now available. You can choose what to change during the installation. Automatically, it is disabled after 5 minutes.
  • Auto-Cleaner.cmd is now available. It automatically cleans Windows from residual files on startup. It can also disable useless Browsers' services.
  • Added error checking in Static IP script.
  • Packages list is re-done and optimized, however the components will be disabled/optimized in the next release. [Better balance of compatibility and performance]
  • APPX packages disable list was completely re-done and optimized.
  • RefreshEnv.cmd was removed due to not being needed.
  • Open-Shell menu is now changed.
  • User Account Control is now disabled by default.
  • Game Explorer is not removed to prevent issues related to old games.
  • OneDrive and Edge is now properly removed - no leftovers of scheduled tasks.
  • 7-Zip Context Menu now does not enable unnecessary menu.
  • Atlas power scheme is now completely revised and optimized for the performance.
  • Unnecessary scripts and folders are now removed from the Atlas directory.
  • Useless features are now disabled from Optional Features properly.
  • Disable the DiagTrack service responsible for Telemetry.
  • More unnecessary HID and PNP devices were disabled using the new script.
  • A lot of new changes to registry for QoL and performance.
  • Introduced a lot of different options for performance and latency improvement during the installation.

As mentioned above, AtlasOS removes Windows Defender which is a crucial component of the OS security. But in case you want to download and try it out, head over to its official website or GitHub.

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