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Windows 10: Task View gets a couple power-user features

This weekend, a new build of Windows 10 leaked and once you peel back a few layers, there are quite a few changes to be found. For those of you who use Task View (virtual desktops), there are two new features in this version of Windows 10 build 10036.

The two new options for Task View, seen above, give users granular control over how apps are handled on each desktop. In the current official build of Windows 10, 9926, when you open an app, the icon is in the taskbar no matter the desktop you are on. What that means is that if you have four desktops, and in one desktop you open Internet Explorer, that icon will show up in the taskbar on all four desktop.

In build 10036, Microsoft is giving users the option to only show apps in the taskbar for the desktop that you are currently using. Using the example above, Internet Explorer would only show up in one taskbar if you have four desktops open.

The next option is similar but relates to keyboard shortcuts. Alt+tab allows you to quickly jump through open apps and with virtual desktops, it does not matter which desktop you are on, alt+tab will toggle through all apps on all desktops in build 9926. The new feature lets you restrict alt+tab to only toggle through apps open on the current desktop, if that is your preference.

These types of fine grain controls are loved by power-users as it allows them to customize Windows 10 exactly to their needs. While not everyone will use Task View and even fewer will use these features, for those that need them, they are a fantastic addition to the OS.

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