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Windows 365 is dead, because it never existed

Microsoft loves subscription models, heck, every company loves subscription models as they create steady cashflow. With Microsoft offering many such services in the subscription model, including Office 365, it made sense to think that Windows would be the next big platform to go down this route.

And that’s where the rumors began with Windows 365. But, according to Mary Jo Foley, it’s all a ruse, Windows 365 is not in development nor is it in the pipeline.

The reason why Windows will not go the subscription route makes a bit of sense when you compare it to other Microsoft products. Such that, when was the last time you bought a copy of Windows? Unless you are an enthusiasts, you likely obtained your Windows license through the purchase of new hardware. Unlike Office, which you may have bought at a retail location, Windows is a platform, not so much a service.

So there you go, Windows 365 is not only dead, it never existed. The more interesting bit here is that Microsoft is not looking to go down this path, from a consumer perspective, and is instead focused on making Windows cheaper.

We have already seen Microsoft lower the entry price for Windows by making it free on devices with screens smaller than 9 inches and even more so, Windows with Bing is another cost cutting effort from Redmond.

We obviously can’t rule out that Microsoft will eventually find a way to make Windows a subscription service for consumers but for now, the cards are not on the table.

Source: Mary Jo Foley

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