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Windows 7 loses market share in latest reports

Last month, statistical reports for the market share of various operating systems being used around the globe indicated that Windows 7 and 10 were on the rise, while Windows XP was heading towards its ultimate demise. This month, the situation appears to be exactly opposite, according to one firm, NetMarketShare.

Click to enlarge | Image via NetMarketShare

NetMarketShare's report for the month of June 2017 indicates that nearly all operating systems have shown a decline in market share, except Windows XP - which climbed to 6.94%. Windows 7 faced a decrease of 0.42 percentage points, and it is interesting to see that the OS lost only 0.01 percentage points year-over-year. Meanwhile, Windows 8.1 lost 0.34 percentage points compared to last month. While numerically "Mac OS X" and Windows 10 both faced slight declines in terms of market share, it is important to note that these figures are well within the margin of error. The "Other" category also fell to 7.33%.

As it currently stands, NetMarketShare's report states that 91.51% of users are utilizing Windows, while Mac and Linux command a market share of 6.12 and 2.36% respectively.

Click to enlarge | Image via StatCounter

On the other hand, data from a separate firm, StatCounter, shows that Windows' market share has risen to 84.31%, compared to the 83.93% reported last month. Meanwhile, OS X, Linux and Chrome OS are at 11.61%, 1.74%, and 0.56% respectively. The company has divided the 84.31% market share of Windows relative to individual versions of the operating systems as well; which can be seen below:

Click to enlarge | Image via StatCounter

Using simple arithmetic ([Market share of individual version of Windows / 100] * [Total market share of Windows]), it is easy to calculate that Windows 7 has fallen to 38.55%. On the other hand, Windows 10 has shown growth and risen to 30.87%. At the same time, Windows 8 / 8.1, and Windows XP command market shares of 9.94% and 4.10% respectively.

That said, it is important to note that this data from both the firms is derived from their partner websites and tracking codes, and as such, may not entirely depict the actual situation. You can check out the detailed reports by hitting the source links below.

Source: NetMarketShare, StatCounter (1), (2)

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