Windows 8 Build 8005 compiled?

Despite our earlier speculation that build 8000 would signify the beginning of Beta for Windows 8, we have unconfirmed reports that Build 8005 has been compiled.  Further adding to the mystery, we're unsure if this build is a continuation of the milestone three train, or possibly part of the pre-beta phase.

According to a tweet by user MSFTtm on May 13th,

[the] "Last Windows 8 build: 6.2.8005.winmain.110512-1726"

Given the date string within the build number, it would appear that this build was compiled on May 12th.  Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference is fast approaching (July 10th-14th), which would seem to indicate Microsoft may be stepping up to showcase a more polished build, according to  It's unlikely that we'll see a leaked build on torrents soon, following news that two MS employees where allegedly terminated for leaking Windows 8 Builds.  This would indicate that Microsoft is serious about keeping these builds under wrap until a nearly finished product is ready.

Other builds that have been leaked are 7850, and 7955.  Exercise care when downloading newer advertised builds, as they may not be authentic, and could contain malicious software.

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