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Windows 8 webcam application video surfaces

Hot off the heels of the Windows 8 "pattern login" video from yesterday comes this new video from the same source. MyDigitalLife user "PlainDickhead" has posted another YouTube video from a copy of Windows 8 believed to be newer than the leaked M1 build currently circulating on the Internet. The video, which originated from this thread, demonstrates a webcam UI for configuring webcam settings, application settings, and allows users to take timed or instant still shots and short video clips.

The application has a Metro-esque feel to it, with a dark background, spacious UI controls, and large fonts. The settings for the application allow one to specify a webcam, audio source, video resolution, frame rate, and an audio recording level. On another tab, users can let the webcam driver automatically determine picture settings, or they can manually adjust the brightness, focus, exposure, and zoom levels, as well as the flicker refresh rate.

Users may snap a video or still shot by clicking on one of three icons to the right of the application. In either mode, the user is offered to keep or throw away the captured output. For videos, it appears that basic frame cropping functionality is there, in addition to setting a zoom level. However, the video preview does not appear to work correctly in this build. For still shots, users may crop the preview output before saving.

The video is available below for your viewing pleasure. And don't worry, this one is definitely safe for work!

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