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Denis W.
Toronto, ON
06 March 2005
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Hey there! Welcome to me short bio.

I've been using computers since 1999, with Internet access the year after. I frequented a few online communities before lurking on Neowin in the summer of 2004 (because of Wincustomize linking to Neowin news articles) and registering in March 2005. Since 2009 I've been serving on Neowin's moderation staff.

I also contribute news articles to Neowin. My involvement with journalism began in high school as an editor for our school newspaper.

I'm currently in my third year of studying computer science at the University of Toronto. Geeks for the win!

In my spare time I casually surf on sites, hang out with friends, or watch newscasts. I'm not really big on movies or TV shows. Gaming is a nightly habit for me. I remain a rather staunch and opinionated PC gamer, despite owning a PS3 and an NDS.

I registered on Neowin as "rm20010" and had that nickname as my display name until Februrary 26, 2011.

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