Windows Live Spaces, the next big social network?

The sleeping giant is finally awaking on the front of Social Networking. The one area where Microsoft has failed to get into was Social Networking. Microsoft has been building Windows Live profiles over the past years, with some major changes to its design and functionality. The giant already has many features other social networks have, but will finally put all the pieces together.

Microsoft wishes to get into the Social Networking game along beside giants like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and many others people use to stay in touch with family, friends and others they wish to talk to. These sites allow users to share videos, photos, feeds, and chat with each other to stay in touch without ever being online at the same time. The introduction into the game couldn't come at a better time, when social networking is at its prime.

Microsoft definitely has the advantage in the social network game, with its very successful Windows Live Messenger, which already integrates profiles of friends. Where many other sites like MySpace have tried with its Messenger Client, Microsoft already has a vast majority of the user base already. Microsoft could include many of its rich features like MSN Music, its search engine, and Messenger client, which could help over take MySpace and Facebook within a few years. Microsoft has the money ready to develop the network and help promote it, where other sites failed to do at the beginning.

The big question to answer is, is everyone ready for yet another social network? Possibly. Microsoft does own one of the largest email clients, with Windows Live Hotmail, Its search engine, Windows Live, with a large assortments of features such as, Windows Live Messenger. Microsoft could rapidly grow into the most popular social networking site in under a year, by reaching out to users who have yet to sign up to these social networking sites.

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