Windows Phone sales double, marketshare barely moves

Nokia’s last financial report may have been pretty disappointing but it’s not all doom and gloom for Windows Phone sales. The latest report shows that Windows Phone shipments have doubled increasing by 119% compared to last year.

The latest report from ABI Research takes a look at the mobile phone market in its whole and breaks down sales by OS. According to this info, unsurprisingly, Android still dominates the mobile phone sales for this year’s Q1. Google’s OS comes in at 44% of the total market, with another 15% taken up by AOSP handsets. That’s 24% year on year growth for Android.

Windows Phone is also doing well though its numbers are way smaller. As we mentioned Microsoft’s platform now sells 119% more devices compared to Q1 of 2013. However, its marketshare is still only a meagre 3% with only 13.2 million devices sold during the past three months.

Finally Apple’s iPhone is pretty much stagnating in terms of marketshare and growth. Apple’s sales account for 10% of the market during Q1, with 44 million device sold. That’s up 17% year on year, but it’s down 14% compared to Q4 of last year. Then again, we may see these numbers rise in Q2, as the first months of the year are generally slow for the tech industry.

What’s interesting here is that this report looks at the whole mobile market, including dumbphones, which still account for 30% of total sales. However that number is down 24% compared to Q4 of 2013, and Google seems to have received all of those new customers. Microsoft needs to increase their efforts in the low-end of the market before Android will be the one connecting “the next billion”.

Source: ABI Research via: WPCentral

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