Windows Powered Smartphone 2002; the details

Today, Microsoft released details of a strategic partner to design and develop next-generation phones based on the Microsoft Smartphone 2002 platform.

Compal, a professional ODM/OEM manufacturer for GSM/GPRS mobile phones in Taiwan, will produce Windows Powered Smartphones utilising the Texas Instruments-Microsoft Corp. hardware reference design, a collaborative effort based on the Smartphone 2002 platform from Microsoft and Texas Instruments.

As Ben Waldman, vice president for the Mobility Division at Microsoft said at the 3GSM World Congress 2002 in Cannes, France, "Our goal with Smartphone 2002 is to provide users with the end-to-end connectivity required to deliver enhanced communication whether by voice, e-mail or other means—any time, anywhere."

The enhanced features of Pocket PC 2002 Phone Edition, which build on the Pocket PC 2002 software platform, focus on three main areas:

  • Pocket PC and phone integration. Pocket PC Phone Edition software has been designed for seamless integration between the PDA and phone functionality. Examples include one-touch dialing from contacts, the ability to view and edit PIM data from the phone application, and subscriber identity module (SIM) migration services.
  • Great phone functionality. Pocket PC Phone Edition software delivers the capabilities people expect from a great mobile phone -- including an intuitive dialer, call log, call notification, caller ID, speed dial, conference calling and a speaker phone, while also providing a new level of functionality including SMS/Inbox integration and personalized ring tones with any WAV file.
  • "Smart" connectivity. Pocket PC Phone Edition software offers more options for connectivity, including support for multiple wide area networks (WANs) and Wi-Fi, and gives users the means to intelligently manage these multiple connections. Used with Server ActiveSync® technology and remote desktop synchronization, Pocket PC Phone Edition software provides the ability to securely connect to and synchronize personal and corporate information over the air.
Microsoft also unveiled at the 3GSM World Congress support for devices using Intel's wireless device blueprint -- Personal Internet Client Architecture, or PCA -- which are expected later this year. PCA uses Intel's XScale processors, which the chip maker announced last Monday.

Microsoft's announcements Tuesday address two categories: handhelds and wireless phones. Phones have the potential to be a much larger market given the number of units that have already been shipped -- more than 10 times the number of handhelds shipped. But analysts have said that adding wireless capabilities to both types of devices could help to lift sales significantly.

News source: CNet News

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