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Windows Threshold: Rapid release is getting really interesting

Microsoft is working feverishly towards a release of Windows Threshold that is expected to be released late next month. The build will likely be called Windows Technical Preview (the word 'Enterprise' may be tossed in there too), but what will be quite convenient when the preview is finally released is how you will go about upgrading to new builds.

On current internal builds of Windows Threshold, you can upgrade builds with a single click of a button. How it works is that when you open Windows Update, there is a new feature in this area that allows you to upgrade your build of Windows, meaning you could go from build 9825 to 9829 with a single click.

We must stress that this feature is built into internal releases of the Technical Preview and could be pulled before it is released to the public... but the feature is fully built out, meaning that it is integrated into the UI and it is a native part of Windows. So, knowing this, it seems logical that it will make its way into the public preview.

The best part, per our understanding of the feature, is that when you use it, it does not require a complete reinstallation of the OS, and makes upgrading to new builds of Threshold quite easy.

This feature represents an interesting addition to the OS and their rapid release cycle. While we do not know about Microsoft’s future plans just yet, this could make it very easy to deliver rapid updates to the OS without inconveniencing consumers. Seeing that the company is now pushing out monthly updates for Windows, this feature could be part of that strategy to help make the process go more smoothly.

We need to point out that this is not simply ‘Windows Update’ but a new feature for the OS that is currently present in the internal builds of Windows Threshold.

As with all of this information, it is currently accurate, but Microsoft can pull these features at any time before the public release.

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