Windows Update Party Time for XP !!

Thanks to Oblique for the .NET Framework notification via email ;) While checking Windows Update today I was greeted with many updates, I thought I would share them with you people that dont check/update very often.

Q320174: Recommended Update

Download size: 305 KB, < 1 minute

This update addresses several CD Burning issues in Windows XP, and is discussed in Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) Article Q320174. Download now to prevent problems with burning CDs.

Q310510: Recommended Update

Download size: 220 KB, < 1 minute

This update resolves the "Playback and Copy-Protection Issues When You Try to Play the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs DVD Movie" issue in Windows XP and is discussed in Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) Article Q310510. Download now to be able to play Disney's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" Platinum Collection DVD.

Microsoft .NET Framework

Download size: 20.8 MB, 5 minutes

The .NET Framework is a new feature of Windows. Applications built using the .NET Framework are more reliable and secure. You need to install the .NET Framework only if you have software that requires it. (there is also a Japanese version, not sure why because my XP is English)

PS: Yea, before you "remind us" we know that some of these updates were available through MS Download center mmkay? now they are on WinnieUpdate F.Y.I

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