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Windows XP SP2 RC2 (Build 2162) on Windows Update V5

Thanks xStainDx for this heads up posted in Back page News on our forums.

Microsoft has now also offered the latest build of Service Pack 2 via Windows Update V5 exclusively to testers. However a registry key has already been posted that allows anyone running the public preview of RC2 to login to Windows Update V5 and download it. The key won't allow users running RTM or SP1 builds of Windows XP to install because they will be redirected to Windows Update V4. Windows Update V5 is scheduled to go live shortly before or together with the web release of SP2. Like many other new offerings of Microsoft the release date has been pushed back several times along with SP2 now scheduled to release sometime in the beginning of August (almost 3 years after the 25th Oct 2001 release of Windows XP).

The 2162 build of SP2 has been widely accepted as a stable and Release to Web (RTW) ready update for Windows XP. Service Pack 2 adds a new Security Center to monitor Automatic Updates, Firewall activity and Virus protection. Internet Explorer now has a pop-up blocker built in and enhanced download management, a welcome update after an almost feature frozen IE hit the web with Windows 2000 in early 1999.

The email received by testers can be viewed by clicking 'Read more' and we also have a thread discussing the new features of SP2 on our forums.

Download: Windows XP SP2 RC2 (build 2162) @ Windows Update (Beta Testers)

View: The SP2 Thread - Reloaded - on our forums

News source: In-House

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