Withings 150 dollar mistake: Hands-on with the Withings Activité Pop

When Withings debuted its original smartwatch, the Activité, the simplistic design and quality materials made it stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, so did the $450 USD price tag. But, Withings has now released a more affordable version dubbed the Activité Pop.

This new iteration by Withings swaps the domed sapphire glass, stainless 316L alloy steel and Barenia leather from Haas Tanneries for a PVD-coated watch case and a smooth silicone watch strap. Unfortunately, what Withings has done here is strip the original product of its attractive roots, which does not bode well for the Activité Pop.

The Activité was simplistic elegance. It wasn't the smartest of smartwatches, but it meshed a carefully crafted watch with basic wellness and tracking features. With the Activité Pop, Withings is trying to imbue the same feeling of simplicity, but presenting it on a different platform.

Although the press shots look stunning, the Activité Pop in reality, is not an elegant device. The color schemes and material make the product look flat and lackluster. The dials and watch hands no longer pop like the original, even when set against a contrasting background. But, perhaps what robs the watch of any sense of quality is the watchband. The watchband is a silicone strap that feels incredibly thin and doesn't feel satisfying in the least.

Overall, the Activité Pop is a poorly executed sibling product. Withings tried to capture the magic of the original, but they forgot what made the original so charming and impressive. Currently, the Withings Activité Pop is available online for $150.

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