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X Corp is taking down its obnoxious signage from its HQ

The X logo being dismantled

Over the weekend, Elon Musk became the most intolerable neighbor to San Franciscans when he put the X’s logo on the roof of the headquarters, complete with what can only be described as fog lights. According to CNBC, workers were seen dismantling the illuminative signage on Monday It follows actions by local authorities telling the company to get rid of the sign.

While there’s nothing wrong with having a lighted sign on a building, the people who authorized the sign ought to be considerate. X Corp’s logo, however, seems to have been picked to act as some sort of mental torment device aimed at the neighbors.

As you can see in the video above, the X logo was giving off a brilliant white light, almost blinding anyone looking at it at nighttime. Not only that, but it seemed to have an annoying strobe effect where it would go off for a couple of seconds and then come blaring back on.

Aside from the local authorities, the neighbors had lodged complaints about the nuisance it was causing, with one saying it made it hard for them to sleep. Apparently, the company has put the sign up without permission from the authorities.

The installation of the new sign came just days after the old Twitter logo got pulled off the building. The latest removal of the X logo now leaves the build brandless. It’s unlikely that the X logo will be gone for long. The company could dim the lights or get permission from the local authorities before reinstalling it.

The current conversation around the rebranding of Twitter to X is about whether Musk has just binned a recognizable brand name. Anyone who tries going to Twitter.com, however, will still find the platform so it’s unlikely to cause a problem in that respect.

Musk is looking to build an everything app. Westerners are not really familiar with this concept as we have apps for different things, but in China, WeChat combines a whole bunch of things in one app including messaging, social media, ordering in restaurants, shopping, payments, utility payments, sending gifts, and more.

X is already capable of a bunch of different stuff, but it’s got a ways to go before it can be considered an everything app. Hopefully, the company can get on with the task at hand instead of installing obnoxious signage.

Source and image: CNBC

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