Xbox Insiders can now try out mouse and keyboard support on Xbox One

It has been a couple years since confirmation that mouse and keyboard support would be coming to the Xbox One. But now it appears that Insiders can experience an example of this functionality in the Minecraft Beta.

According to Jez Corden of Windows Central, mouse support is now live for those that are on the Xbox Insider Program and can be tried out by playing the Minecraft Beta. While Corden did not have a keyboard to test, another user has confirmed its support and functionality. In the tweet above you can watch a short clip of a Razer mouse in action. Unfortunately, those that were hoping to start destroying the competition with precision in their favorite FPS title will be sad to hear that the input response isn't quite there yet with Corden noting that it is "far too prohibitive".

While this may worry some players who think a mouse and keyboard player would provide a competitive edge against a controller player, Microsoft has stressed that it wouldn't implement the mouse and keyboard feature if it didn't make sense. Corden goes on to state that in the future, when this feature gets fully fleshed out, you "could see scenarios where there are mouse and keyboard playlists, and controller exclusive playlists, to prevent anti-competitive behavior".

Naturally, we will have to wait and see what comes of this. But it is nice to see there is another option on the horizon for gamers when it comes to controls.

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Source: Windows Central

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