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Xbox Live founder leaves Microsoft after 18 years

It has been a rough few days for Microsoft's online gaming service, Xbox Live. After being knocked offline by a DDOS attack, a founder of the service has announced that he is leaving the company after working there for more than 18 years.

Boyd Multerer is a founding member of Xbox Live and XNA, so it's fair to say that he has been instrumental to the development of the service during its lifetime and has a plethora of knowledge about the underpinnings of the platform.

As with all things Microsoft, there are redundancies in place to make sure his knowledge that has left the building is not lost forever but it will impact the platform as it is impossible to write down everything one knows about a platform after 18 years.

It goes without saying that the Xbox Live outage and Boyd's departure are not related. As for Boyd, he is not ready to talk about what he is working on next at this time. Also, he says that he is proud of the Xbox platform and does not make it appear that he is leaving because of tension with management.

After 18 years at any company, it can become cumbersome to work on the same projects and it appears that Boyd is starting a new chapter of his life.

Source: Boyd Multerer

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