Xbox Live games for Windows Phone 7 coming to the browser soon

Windows Phone 7 is about to see its official US launch on the 8th November, and Neowin has uncovered exclusive information that you may not need a Windows Phone 7 device to play games that are available on the platform against other actual device owners.

On a website uncovered by Neowin, found here, not much information is found, but it appears that a service coming soon may allow users who don't have a Windows Phone 7 device to interact with those who do. This is technically feasible, considering a lot of the Windows Phone 7 platform is built on silverlight, a technology that can also be run in the web browser.

The site says that the games will be "turn-based," but this means that the Windows Phone 7 platform will have a further extension to it's Xbox Live multiplayer experience, when the titles finally surface. The blurb on the site reads:

It's more fun when you challenge another player. Connect to Xbox LIVE to play a variety of games with your friends. Play a turn-based game on the web or over Xbox LIVE on your Windows Phone 7 device. Whether you're at the computer or on the go, bring the fun of an Xbox LIVE game with you. Grab a friend and jump in! 

At this stage, this is the only information available, with the only other information being that the service is "Coming Soon." We'll let you know when the page is updated.

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