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Xml Journal System 1.5

XJS is a commercial journal/diary program that brings more power to users than any other diary solution. You can handwrite, diagram, create audio and video, scan in documents and images, and create plain or rich text (through the included visual html editor). The method of input into the journal is implemented through plugins (each method listed here is actually an included plugin).

The 1.4.0 change log is in the extended area (wasn't posted on neowin).

What's new? (Full changelog)

  • Starts faster, interface updates, edit entries in full screen mode, and view recent entries.

  • Free tutorial videos totalling over an hour have been created and added to the online help documentation

  • Categories can now have subcategories and mutliple categories can be assigned to entries, pages and stories.

  • Flag how important entries are in the scheme of life, so down the road you can look at the important things easier.

  • Link multiple entries together into a common story (easily read stories from begining to end without working about other entries created between the story's entries).

  • XJS on the Go allows you to install XJS into your journal so you can bring your journal AND XJS on any storage device, like a USB thumbdrive, and use it on other computers without reinstalling XJS. The included syncronization method makes it easier for users who work on more than one copy of their journal at one time and want to apply the changes to the other journals.

  • The XJS Blog exporting engine (one of the many exporting options from XJS Mover) has been rewritten, using all of the new features and added support for styles to output any format (HTML, PHP, ASP, PDF, etc.) which it defines. The XJS Default styles includes seperate formats for PHP4 and PHP5.

  • XJS Visual Html supports adding links to entries and pages from any entry and page. These hyperlinks in your entries work both while using XJS and in XJS Blog exports.

  • XJS PIM has been polished, making the functions work better. There is a new report generator. You can take your events, todos and contacts and have XJS PIM create pages from them.

For Developers
  • New Sample Plugin, which contains the source code to XJS Plain Text, an entry extension and a journal extension.

  • XJS Tools (for non-XJS developers) is also updated.

Download: XJS for Windows (Shareware, $24.95 USD)

View: Developer Homepage

Screenshot: >> Click here

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