YouTube VR is making its way to the Oculus Go soon, more content coming

Oculus announced the new Oculus Quest today, promising to bring the capabilities of the Oculus Rift together with the freedom and ease-of-use of the Oculus Go. Despite a rather steep price tag of $399, some may feel like the Quest could cannibalize the sales of the cheaper device launched earlier this year, so Facebook is trying to bring a little more value to the Go with more video content built for virtual reality.

For starters, YouTube VR will be making its way to the headset sometime soon. This seems like a natural step, given that the app was previously announced for the Samsung Gear VR, which is also based on Oculus. Google's app will bring over 800,000 VR videos to the Oculus Go which cover a wide variety of themes and subjects.

In addition to that, the Oculus Venues app, which gave users the ability to attend live events such as concerts - and even today's Connect 5 event - will be receiving more content in the future. Specifically, NBA games will be available in the app for the first time, and anyone who watches a game through the Go will receive a jersey for their avatar.

Lastly, you'll also soon be able to share VR experiences with others more easily, though in a somewhat limited fashion. The Oculus Go will be receiving support for casting, so people near you can follow your adventures on a TV or phone screen as you play a game on the headset.

If you're interested in getting into the world of VR, the Oculus Go is available for just $199, which could make it a good way to get started. You can get it from your preferred retailer through the official website.

Source: Oculus via The Verge

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