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Zune HD applications confirmed

It's been debated for some time as to whether or not the Zune HD will feature apps, similar to its competitor, Apple's iPod touch; many people expected the more logical solution, that it would, though it had yet to be confirmed by Microsoft itself. A video has surfaced, as Zunited reported, showing a Zune HD sporting an 'Apps' menu, and a Microsoft representative saying that it would, indeed, have the capability.

Having Microsoft include this with the Zune is nothing but a good thing; it opens up a new marketplace for developers to push their products on, as well as providing another competitor for Apple's App Store. It will be interesting to see how the Redmond based company will handle the store, as their rival, Apple, has seen complaints recently about delays and rejections. Perhaps if Microsoft can set the benchmark for this, then Apple will be forced to improve how they handle it, as it was recently revealed that there's only 40 app reviewers, and about 1,200 submissions each day.

It's no secret that Microsoft has been trying to get a whole load of developers on board for Windows Mobile, with a current iPhone developer apparently offered a lot of money to port their application to the platform, showing Microsoft's dedication. It's, again, great to see this being incorporated, though certainly not unexpected, and we should see an official announcement from Microsoft soon no doubt.

The video is included below, from Qik, which shows a person testing it out, stumbling upon the Apps menu and asking the Microsoft worker there if this would be included in the Zune.

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