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Your Facebook year in review

We all do it; we post to our social network profiles and wait for our “friends” to like, comment or share what we’ve posted. And while it’s possible to go back and view your history, you’ll never really know what your biggest or most popular post was.

Well, for 2012 at least, Facebook are aiming to give show you’re your Facebook year in review, giving you access to the 20 biggest moments from the year, that you were involved in. It’s Your Year in Review. Life events, highlighted posts and your popular stories are all included.

Whether you’ve been included in post or tagged in a picture, if it’s proved popular in the overall popularity of your profile, it’ll be here.

And it doesn’t stop there either. Do you want to know what memes were the most popular? What technology was most used with Facebook? What song was most shared and listened to in Australia? You can find that out too, with the Facebook 2012 Year in Review.

The usual suspects are all there, the London 2012 Olympics, One Direction and Fifty Shades of Grey, but rather surprisingly, for all the YouTube hype, Psy and Gangnam Style isn’t as Facebook popular as you might have thought!

Source: Facebook | Thanks to forum member Calum for the tip!

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