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FixBee: Have your slow PC optimized for fast performance

FixBee's advanced technology optimizes and cleans your computer in minutes. For free.

Is your Windows PC or laptop running considerably slower now than it used to? Over time, even great operating systems like Windows 7 tend to become bogged down with temporary file bloat, leftover file remnants from past program installations, unused device connections, and more. This is exactly why FixBee was created.

FixBee highlights:

  • Free up your hard drive space!
  • Find and fix disk errors!
  • Boost your system performance!
  • Scheduled maintenance

Keep your Hive Clean
When you add files to your hard drive it doesn't fill up in an organized way. Because your computer has to sort through this unordered data it runs more slowly. FixBee organizes or “defragments” the data and makes your PC faster.

Get rid of Junk
In addition to your hard drive data not being orderly, your PC is full of unnecessary files and duplicates. FixBee sorts through this data and not only organizes it neatly, it deletes leftover and useless files.

Bee Safe Quickly
Keeping your computer defragmented and free of junk files will help it perform better over the long term. With FixBee, all of this complicated work is handled in a matter of minutes.

Scheduled Maintenance
To keep your PC running smoothly, FixBee provides automated maintenance so you don't even have to worry about remembering to defragment your computer!

All of the features, none of the cost
FixBee is based on award winning defragmentation software that others pay for, but we've customized and optimized it to provide the same results, without the cost.

Download: Offline installer | 4.2 MB (Freeware)
Download: FixBee Web Installer | 456 KB (Ad-supported)
View: Homepage

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