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fmedia 1.27.3


fmedia is a fast asynchronous media player/recorder/converter for Windows, Linux and FreeBSD. It provides smooth playback and recording even if devices are very slow. It's highly customizable and can be easily extended with additional plugins. Its low CPU & memory consumption saves energy when running on a notebook's battery.

Play or convert audio files, record new audio tracks from microphone, save songs from Internet radio, and much more! fmedia is free and open-source project, and you can use it as a standalone application or as a library for your own software.

fmedia can decode: .mp3, .ogg (Vorbis, Opus), .opus, .m4a/.mp4 (AAC, ALAC, MPEG), .mka/.mkv (AAC, ALAC, MPEG, Vorbis), .avi (AAC, MPEG), .aac, .mpc, .flac, .ape, .wv, .wav.

fmedia can encode into: .mp3, .ogg, .opus, .m4a (AAC), .flac, .wav.

fmedia 1.27.3 changelog:

  • playback: faster audio device open (reuse) on track switch with Next/Previous commands for ALSA, PulseAudio, WASAPI
  • support playback with '--dynanorm'
  • ALSA playback: some data could be skipped when seeking or starting next track
  • PulseAudio: don't hang after broken connection with server
  • PulseAudio playback: fix crash after Stop/Next/Previous commands
  • mp3 seek didn't work sometimes
  • mp3 with --stream-copy: fix; enable ".mp3 --stream-copy --meta=..."
  • vorbis playback: skipped some data for network stream input
  • playback with --random: playback could be incorrectly stopped by "too many consecutive errors" protection
  • recording: try to open audio device with the user-specified format (--format/--rate/--channels options) and apply audio conversion only if it fails
  • GUI/GTK: Explorer tab: add and play only 1 selected file on double-click

Download: fmedia 1.27.3 (64-bit) | 2.5 MB (Open Source)
View: fmedia Home Page | Project Page @GitHub

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