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Localhostr Widget for Mac 2.0

The Localhostr Widget provides a near-instant way to share any type of file you want. Using the service from, the widget will upload your file (or even more than one by selecting multiple files) and provide a link you can use as soon as it's done. All files are stored in a "Recently Uploaded Files" area, and if you have a localhostr account, you can even log in and have your files saved to your online history. The widget also features Growl support (if Growl is available), so you'll know straight away when your file is finished uploading. All of that, available with a beautiful, expandable (and shrinkable) design that is a pleasure to use.

- Thumbnails on image files, along with a mask to keep it pretty (and matching the Windows program)
- New history area, rid of the "Copy URL" button and opting for a "click to copy" on the whole file area.
- Height of items in the history is shorter, meaning you can fit more in less space
- Improved animations, using Safari 4's new CSS3 support
- Improved scroll area, also using Safari 4's CSS3 support. This is noticeable as scrolling is not emulated by javascript, but is actually native while maintaining the styled scrollbar
- Much improved speed, as a result of adoption of CSS3, as well as significant amount of cleanup on the code
- Startup is near immediate from a cold Dashboard startup, an annoyance that I'm sure plagued many in past releases
- Logged in icon at the bottom left, so you know if you're logged in or not by looking at the front of the widget (see lock in the screenshot)
- Snow Leopard support
- New effect for dragging a file over the widget. This is buggy, and will always be buggy, because of a bug in Dashboard/Webkit itself. I will be filing a bug report, but you will notice the effect flicker. The "plus" cursor also didn't want to work once I moved to Snow Leopard, which is part of what prompted the new "glow" effect.
- Fixed bug where the wrong day would be shown in the date
- Fixed bug where long titles and dates would run into a second line, messing up the format

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Note about Localhostr Uploadr Cocoa: It is being worked on, but this is a widget update to tide everyone over, especially those on Snow Leopard.

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