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WingetUI 1.7.1 [Update]


WingetUI is an application whose main goal is to create an intuitive GUI for the most common CLI package managers for Windows 10 and Windows 11, such as Winget, Scoop and Chocolatey. With WingetUI, you'll be able to download, install, update and uninstall any software that's published on the supported package managers — and so much more.

WingetUI features

  • WingetUI has the ability to install, update and uninstall packages from Winget, Scoop and Chocolatey. WingetUI will also detect if your manually-installed apps can be updated!
  • It can also upgrade and uninstall previously installed packages — as well as uninstall built-in Windows apps!
  • WingetUI has the ability to both import and export the packages of your choice, so that you can easily install them in the future.
  • WingetUI supports managing Scoop buckets with an interface.
  • Install an older version of an app.
  • WingetUI shows a notification when there are available updates
  • Manage your updates and installed packages from its context menu
  • The user will be notified whether the installation/update/uninstallation of an app was completed successfully or not.
  • The ability to queue installations in order to prevent conflicts.
  • A dark theme is available to prevent you from burning your eyes.
  • WingetUI has the ability to show package-related information (like its license, SHA256 hash, homepage, etc.) before installation.
  • There are more than 14000 packages available (if winget, scoop and chocolatey are enabled)!

WingetUI 1.7.0 changelog:

A new interface is available to ignore updates. It allows:

  • Pinning packages
  • Skipping a version of a package.
  • Viewing and removing single packages from the blacklist
  • The Package Details window has a new section that allows to customize the install:
  • All the options are under a collapsable widget

User can modify:

  • Architecture to install
  • Installation environment (user or machine, local or global, etc.)
  • Version to install (can automatically blacklist packages when installed, so older versions don't get updated when installed manually)
  • Custom parameters to pass to the installer. There is now a textbox to be able to do that
  • The Command label has been improved to adapt to the new options and toggles.

Notifications have been reworked:

  • Notifications will now show buttons on them, to make quick actions easier to reach.
  • Notifications can now be enabled/disabled depending on their category.
  • A new, system-integrated share popup has been implemented

Administrator preferences have been reworked:

  • Package managers can be automatically elevated.
  • The user has the option to cache administrator rights.

WingetUI Interface has been improved:

  • Context menus have more options, and more organized
  • Toolbars show more relevant actions, removing some redundancies with the context menus

Scrolling has been improved, featuring:

  • Smooth mouse scrolling
  • Better support for keyboard scrolling
  • Reurn to top buttons
  • The launch popup has been improved.
  • TreeWidgets StyleSheets have been improved to use more efficiently the space available on the window
  • Transparencies have been reworked across the interface, in a way where the interface is now much more responsive

Chocolatey support has been improved:

  • Installations won't show a 20-second delay anymore
  • More information is available in the details window

Scoop support has been improved:

  • Packages are now cached, so loading times are notably faster.
  • More information is available in the details window
  • Error handling has been improved on already-installed updates.
  • Auto-elevation has been improved on uninstalls

Winget support has been improved:

  • Packages are now cached, so loading times are notably faster.
  • Error handling has been improved on already-installed updates.
  • "Unknown" updates are now properly handled (thanks to the new version skipping feature)

WingetUI 1.7.1 changelog:

  • This release fixes crashes and hangs caused by an incompatiblity between PySide6 and the zroya library.
  • It also removes winget empty packages.
  • This new version has been compiled on a clean environment, with updated versions of Qt (6.5.0) and Python (3.11.3)

What's changed:

  • Rename 'release notes' to just 'notes' (scoop) by @ppvnf in #963
  • Update icons and screenshots from the excel file by @github-actions in #978
  • Fixed WinGet reset script for user profiles with spaces by @derula in #986
  • Small translation improvements by @panther7 in #982
  • Update translations from Tolgee by @github-actions in #989
  • Migrate zroya to windows_toasts by @marticliment in #990

Other minor improvements and bugfixes are present, but they haven't been listed here. See the Full Changelog for more details: 1.7.0...1.7.1

Download: WingetUI 1.7.1 | 55.1 MB (Open Source)
View: WingetUI Home Page | WingetUI Screenshot

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