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7 Security Trends Shaping Today's Threat Detection Technology — Free Whitepaper

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Evolving and increasingly sophisticated threats drive an urgent need for new security approaches.

This paper covers seven top security trends that are shaping threat detection technologies and explores why they should be top of mind for all businesses.

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It is critical to implement detection capabilities that evaluate potential threats from a wide variety of perspectives – and continuously improves to match the threats. To understand the tools that can truly provide comprehensive network protection, you need to understand the underlying trends.

This paper covers seven of the top security trends that are shaping threat detection technologies including:

  • Ransomware is affecting investments in cybersecurity
  • The impact of a “zero trust” philosophy on a network security strategy
  • The rise of threat hunting

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>> 7 Security Trends Shaping Today's Threat Detection Technology — Free Whitepaper
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