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Eesh: Blackberry, do not muster thy name

We all know the story of Blackberry, the company is doomed, etc etc etc, this is nothing new. The company has been facing hard times, as it was slow to adapt to the trends of the industry and now finds itself spinning its wheels in place while it tries make a resurgence with consumers.

We here at Neowin have reviewed quite a few phones, tablets, and other gizmos but never have we gotten such a strong negative reaction as we did when I tweeted an image of the phone I will be reviewing next, the Blackberry Z30. The tweets below are a small sample of some of the replies received after announcing I would be using the phone for a week to build my review.

Without mustering a peep of an opinion about the phone, several users reacted to a simple image of the phone, saying how awful it must be to have to use this device.

The phone could have been made from gold bars, but that didn’t matter, Blackberry’s name is so tarnished, that simply showing off the company’s latest phone offers instant negative feedback.

And that is the problem. At this point, it doesn’t matter how good the hardware is, how smooth the OS may be, or that the camera has some nifty features, it’s all for not.

For Blackberry, this is the issue. While the old giant is fumbling with consumers, we must admit, the hardware feels fantastic in the hands (we will leave the software and more detailed descriptions of the exterior for the complete review) but that doesn’t matter, as consumers are so turned off by the name that they may never get the chance to actually hold a device to form their own opinion.

Oh, and to make it worse? Verizon is only selling the phone online.

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