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Alphabet's Verily establishing Covid-19 testing sites in California

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Alphabet’s Verily has announced that it is working with the California Governor’s office, federal, state, and local public health authorities to create testing sites in the Bay Area for those at high risk of contracting Covid-19. It is also building an online tool which will help health workers figure out who is infected and needs treatment.

The online test, which is part of Project Baseline, is now available to Californians that are interested in getting tested for the illness. Right now, the availability is very limited with testing being offered to Californians located in Santa Clara County and San Mateo County. The firm has said that it’s working quickly to expand testing in every way that it can including with added test sites and expanded eligibility criteria.

Discussing the reason for beginning at the sites it has, Verily said:

“To protect the most vulnerable, the COVID-19 testing pilot program will begin by testing the highest risk individuals at select sites in the San Francisco Bay Area, where there is a significant volume of known cases. As more testing kits and sites become available, we plan to scale the capacity.”

As time progresses, Verily hopes to expand its testing access across more areas in California. It said the program is still in the early stages and that it’ll take time to asses operations at pilot sites before it rolls out elsewhere. If you’re in California, Project Baseline recommends that you follow advice from the CDC website.

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