Amazon and Wal-Mart raise digital music prices too

When Apple claimed that it would be raising prices on its iTunes tracks to $1.29 for the most popular (but DRM free) songs the masses railed Apple for raising the price bar. It appears that Apple may have not been the reason for the price hike and that the music industry is to blame.

Today the Amazon music store as well as Wal-Mart's music store have raised their prices as well. Amazon's music prices now range from 0.79 to a high of $1.29, while Walmart's span the range for .64 - $1.24.

While the stores do have lower pricing on some songs it goes without saying that nearly all the songs you will want to purchase will most likely be at the highest price point. Is DRM free really worth an extra .30 cents a song? That's up to the user to decide if they want to continue to purchase music or go back to torrents and limewire for all of their music needs.

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