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Amazon debuts its first market, one without checkout lines or cashiers

Although technology has pushed lots of boundaries, there are still areas in our lives where it hasn't quite fully penetrated. For quite some time, markets and retailers have utilized checkout counters that require a physical cashier to scan items, total them and accept a patrons payment. In more recent years we have seen checkout kiosks that allow a customer to scan their own goods and pay via an automated system. It appears that Amazon has been working on something to advance the shopping experience over the past fours years and is hoping to take it to another level with its 'Amazon Go' market.

The market is like no other as it does not have a checkout line or cashier. When you visit the Amazon Go store, you simply enter the establishment by using your smartphone loaded with the Amazon Go app and just start shopping. The store monitors your activity and knows when you are picking up or putting back an item. When you are ready to purchase, you simply walk out of the store, at which point you'll be charged for the items and sent a receipt.

There is currently only one store in the world and it is located in the Seattle, Washington. The store is in a beta phase with it being only open to Amazon employees at the moment and is expected to open to the general public in early 2017.

Source: Amazon

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