AMD reveals 16-core 'Threadripper' CPUs for high-end desktops

Following up on the critical and technical success of its revamped CPU line under the Ryzen brand, AMD is looking to double down with a new series of processors aimed at the very high-end of the CPU market.

Dubbed 'Threadripper' this new line of CPUs is aimed at "targeting the world’s fastest ultra-premium desktop systems." With 16 cores and 32 threads, these processors will be AMD's offering in the high-end desktop market and are likely to compete with the Core i9 series that Intel is rumoured to launch later this year. By comparison, the leaked details regarding the Core i9 series suggest 12 cores and 24 threads, though the disparity may not necessarily mean better performance from AMD as Intel has for quite a while held the upper hand in performance per core.

While not much is known about the architecture of this upcoming lineup beyond the number of cores, they are expected to be released sometime in the summer this year, which means more details should soon follow at Computex 2017 later this month. It is also believed that the Threadripper series may launch under the Ryzen R9 branding, a step above the Ryzen R7, which is currently at the head of AMD's desktop offerings for consumers. As can be expected from a line of processors aimed at enthusiasts, pricing is likely to be rather high.

With both AMD and Intel gearing up for a showdown in the high-end of the CPU market, the battle between Team Red and Team Blue should be more exciting than ever before, with AMD putting in a strong showing for not just being the price leader but possibly also one-upping Intel in the performance department.

Via: Lowyat.NET

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